Your lover is sensitive to six different things, however you are not sensitive to any of them.

Men do care, but women are mistaken when they claim otherwise. Yes, they actually do. Actually, to the point where they give serious consideration to the minute details that help shape our ideas in their heads.

When you no longer care how you appear, behave, or say, guys may keep noticing you because they're so in love with you! Consequently, we present certain things guys like that you no longer do.

If you don't need a one-hour cosmetic regimen every time you visit your boyfriend, he'll enjoy your natural look. He sees your cosmetics and wants to hear about your day.

Men love to see you eat freely, so they may stare at you while you glamp on your favorite smoothie or pizza. If his stares embarrass you, learn to appreciate them—he loves them!

You may not notice wearing a casual shirt to meet your partner. Men do. The color of your attire that day will reveal your emotions. Your partner may notice these minor nuances, but you may not.

Even your oddities, men love to notice them. He may notice stuff you don't. These small details reveal our individuality. Leave them to your boyfriend to love!

Men always notice things that make you happy. If something makes you joyful, he will too. He probably remembers your likes. If you're unsure, ask your spouse. His knowledge of your tastes is assured!

Your music tastes reveal your personality. Because of this, your partner pays great attention to your playlists when you play them on your speaker. Your partner cares about that tune you're listening to because he wants to know more about you!

Watch this space for further developments.