You were not able to get aroused in a short period of time for the reasons that are listed below:

You might not be able to become aroused or wet readily during sex for a variety of reasons. Some people attribute it to their genetics and physical make-up, while others see it as a mental health issue.

A lot of people provide quite strange explanations for why they can't make their spouse happy during sexual encounters. Fortunately, gynecologists have stepped in and offered the following explanations for why you might not get quickly aroused.

Based on their secretion levels, gynecologists have classified humans into three groups. If you have trouble becoming aroused or wet, you can be considered a "under-producer" in this situation.

Your connection will certainly wane if you two aren't engaging in sufficient foreplay. If your partner isn't moist enough, having sex might be a challenge for both of you. In order to have painless sex, you must stimulate your partner at the appropriate points.

There is a possibility that you will experience scenarios in which you are less aroused if you are using birth control tablets on a consistent basis, as indicated by your physician.

When estrogen is repressed, it is natural to have reduced vaginal moisture. This is because estrogen is the hormone that causes lubrication to occur.

You may have trouble erecting during sexual activity. Stress, worry, and hormones can induce erectile dysfunction in men. This condition requires medical attention and medicines.

Your libido or sex desire drops to maximum. Having sex with your lover makes it hard to feel aroused. Stress might sometimes make it hard to turn on.

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