You are seeking for your partner to make you feel ashamed, are you? Here is how to inquire in a manner that is not overt:

How terrified are you of having your spouse stoop to your level? I assure you, you're not alone. Many women are dissatisfied because their partners do not provide them with the gratification of oral sex.

There are some people who are unable to ask for it, and there are others who do not even believe that they have the right to put their sexual demands into consideration. Due to the fact that communicating the desire to be sexually fulfilled is a very sensitive subject, it may be challenging to have a conversation about this with your spouse.

As a result, here are a few methods to communicate to your spouse that you are interested in oral sex as well.

If you and your spouse have filthy discussions, asking about oral sex is simpler. You can casually mention fantasizing about your lover cheating. Naturally discuss it when sexting or foreplaying.

If you want your lover to go down on you, is it physical or emotional? You may seek the same physical stimulation as your spouse and emotional competitiveness over sexual fulfillment. Your lover won't know what you desire until you tell them or hint.

Eliminate any sex-related bad ideas. Women face several sexuality stigmas. Thus, inquiring about oral sex is only safe when you stop thinking it's shameful.

Your lover may be avoiding you for unknown reasons. Is it something they dislike about you or oral sex? Encourage your spouse to sit down and discuss their obstacles. For healthier sex life, you should also be open to their sentiments and repair them.

If your spouse enjoys oral sex but doesn't want to give it, choose a compatible individual who considers your sexual demands. Staying with someone who just cares about their sexual needs undermines your needs. Putting yourself and your sexual needs before the relationship is OK. Go for it.

Watch this space for further developments.