Winter friendly plants for your outdoor space.

Winter-friendly plants can beautify your garden even in winter. Some options:

The sturdy pansy (viola) can survive freezing conditions. They grow in beds or pots and come in many colors.

Hellebores, or Lenten roses, bloom in late winter and early spring. They have lovely white, pink, purple, or green nodding blooms.

Camellias: Evergreen plants with magnificent winter blossoms. They thrive in shadow and come in many colors.

Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum): This deciduous shrub blooms bright yellow in winter. It enhances walls and fences.

Mahonia: This evergreen plant blooms fragrant yellow in late fall and early winter. Also famous for its architectural foliage.

Cyclamen: These low-growing plants have pink, crimson, and white upswept flowers. Like well-drained soil.

Consider your climate, soil, and sunlight while choosing winter garden plants. Proper mulching also protects plants in winter.

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