Wiggins' chemistry with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

Wiggins and Curry form a dynamic pick-and-roll duo, with Wiggins utilizing his athleticism to finish at the rim or spot up for jumpers off Curry's penetration. Their synergy creates scoring opportunities and stretches defenses.

Wiggins' off-ball movement complements Curry's gravity, as he cuts to the basket or relocates for open jumpers, capitalizing on the attention Curry draws from defenders. 

Wiggins benefits from Curry's outlet passes and quick transition play, running the floor for easy baskets or trailing for open three-pointers, showcasing their seamless connection in fast-break situations. 

Wiggins and Green anchor the Warriors' defense, communicating effectively to switch, rotate, and cover for each other. Their defensive chemistry creates a cohesive unit that stifles opponents' offenses. 

Wiggins thrives as a secondary playmaker alongside Green, utilizing Green's passing and playmaking skills to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. 

Wiggins' ability to space the floor with his shooting and move without the ball complements Green's playmaking and facilitates the Warriors' ball movement-oriented offense, creating open looks for the team. 

Wiggins has shown the ability to step up in clutch moments alongside Curry and Green, contributing crucial baskets and defensive stops when needed most, highlighting their trust and cohesion on the court. 

Beyond their on-court chemistry, Wiggins, Curry, and Green share a strong off-court relationship, which fosters trust, camaraderie, and cohesion, translating into effective teamwork and success on the court.