Whether the celebrity is coaching or commentating on sports

NFL coaches often emphasize the values represented by the star, such as teamwork, discipline, and excellence, in their coaching philosophy. While the star itself does not coach, its symbolism inspires coaches to instill these values in their players and teams. 

Coaches may use the star as a motivational symbol to inspire players to perform at their best on the field. By invoking the prestige and legacy associated with the star, coaches encourage players to strive for greatness and achieve success.

The star is prominently featured in broadcast graphics and visual elements during NFL games and sports commentary. Its presence reinforces the league's brand identity and enhances the viewing experience for fans. 

Sports commentators often reference the star's historical significance and cultural impact during broadcasts and analysis. They may discuss its origins, evolution, and symbolism within the context of NFL history and tradition. 

 The star's association with the NFL's legacy of excellence and achievement is a common theme in sports commentary. Commentators may highlight the star's role in shaping the league's culture and inspiring future generations of players and fans. 

Coaches and commentators may invoke the star as a symbol of leadership and inspiration within the NFL. They may discuss legendary players and teams who have embodied the spirit of the star and left a lasting legacy in the league. 

The star's cultural significance within the NFL is a topic of discussion among sports commentators and analysts. They may explore its impact on popular culture, its role in shaping fan identity, and its influence on the broader sports landscape. 

Coaches and commentators may encourage fan engagement with the star by discussing its significance and encouraging fans to embrace its symbolism. By fostering a sense of connection and pride among fans, coaches and commentators enhance the overall fan experience during NFL games and broadcasts.