When your partner is upset with you, here are seven methods to make him smile.

Fighting and arguing are typical in relationships. When two individuals decide to live together, arguments will arise over everything from little to major matters. The first person to apologize and make the other laugh counts more than the reason for the conflict. Here are 7 techniques to make your angry partner smile.

If you made a mistake, apologize to him without ego. You must mean it. If your apology is sincere, he will know that you understood your error and why he was furious.

Find out how you can assist him. When conversing with him, keep your voice low. Get him a cool drink, like coffee, ready. Be exceptionally kind to him till he can't help but grin and put his rage aside.

"The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." is a saying you might be familiar with. Thus, why don't you prepare the dish that he loves? Another option is to prepare an unfamiliar dish and let him be the first to sample it. The sight of the delicious meal you have cooked for him may make him temporarily set aside his wrath.

Whenever he becomes furious, all it takes is a compliment on how gorgeous he looks. When you shower your partner with modest yet sincere praises, he can't help but grin!

Your lover will find your jokes hilarious and appreciate your charm no matter how corny they are. No matter how angry your partner is with you right now, you should never hesitate to make him laugh.

Does he want you to join him in a video game? A cricket match may be something he has always wanted to do with you. Subsequently, have him accomplish these tasks. He will stop bringing up the reason he was angry with you the instant he starts enjoying those activities with you.

Tell him how much you care by leaving him little messages. Whether it's a restaurant or business, take him there. Give him no more cause to be angry with you by surprising him with little things that make him feel cherished.

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