We took these seven sexual lessons from web series and brought them to you.

A sexy sex scene is always intriguing. With the epidemic pushing us back home, watching erotic programs is a smart coping mechanism! Here are 7 lessons from web series finest sex scenes to liven up your boring life.

The powerful Bridgerton family sees money, desire, and treachery in Regency-era England. Sex scenes show that sometimes old-fashioned is better for passionate desire. Great lesson: sexual pleasure can't be one-sided.

Polish Laura has a year to fall for Massimo, her sophisticated Italian crime boss kidnapper. The sex scene features foreplay, intense activity, and romanticism. Within days of the film's release, graphic sex was all the rage. The show makes us want to attempt wild sex on a yacht occasionally!

All 30-minute episodes take set in Chicago but focus on different persons' love lives in all forms of partnerships. Some are married, have kids, desire kids, are heartbroken, or are falling in love at first. The scenario of a married couple trying to spice up their sex life shows that crazy ideas and actions are ageless!

A young kid with a sex therapist mother and a high school classmate start an underground sex therapy clinic at school in this web series. Positive identity messages and other life lessons are delivered. If you're not ready to push boundaries, don't have sex.

Real-time and flashback sex scenes involving jail prisoners and Piper's pre-prison life are shown. The library scene between Piper and Alex is a favorite. The show teaches us that nasty conversation is powerful and that makeup sex is permissible before making up!

The sci-fi drama follows eight individuals from around the world who are connected by a mysterious force. The show's sex scenes redefine 'connection'. The show's most essential lesson is that everyone can enjoy consensual sex.

An engaged fashion editor has an affair with a female roofer in the episode. This almost ten-minute action between Dallas and Jasmine is steamy from bar to alley to truck to apartment. Other directors learn how to appropriately show lesbian sex in the 90-minute film!

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