The plot of J Wick involves dogs figuratively and emotionally.   

Dogs hold a profound significance in John Wick's storyline, serving as symbols of both loss and redemption while providing a crucial emotional anchor for the character.

One of the most moving depictions of this is the relationship that Wick has with Daisy, the dog who belonged to his late wife.  

Daisy represents Wick's last connection to his deceased spouse, serving as a source of solace and companionship in his time of grief.  

When Daisy is tragically killed, it ignites Wick's journey of revenge, symbolizing the final loss of his former life and innocence. 

Throughout the series, dogs continue to play a significant role, representing Wick's humanity amidst the brutality of his world.  

His interactions with new canine companions reflect his capacity for compassion and loyalty, contrasting with the ruthless violence he unleashes upon his enemies. 

Moreover, the presence of dogs underscores the theme of redemption, as Wick finds purpose and redemption through his efforts to protect and avenge them.

In essence, dogs in the John Wick franchise serve as powerful symbols of love, loss, and the enduring resilience of the human spirit, adding depth and emotional resonance to Wick's complex character arc.