There are a lot of fan theories and speculations about the future plotlines.

Absolutely! "Yellowstone" has garnered a dedicated fanbase who are deeply invested in the characters and storylines of the show. As a result, there are numerous fan theories and speculations about what may happen in future plotlines. Here are a few popular ones: 

Fans speculate about the fate of the Dutton family and their ranch, especially considering the numerous threats and challenges they face.  

Some theories suggest that the Duttons may lose control of the ranch, while others believe they will ultimately prevail against their adversaries. 

 Many fans are intrigued by the mystery surrounding Beth Dutton's past and speculate about potential secrets she may be hiding. Some theories suggest that Beth may have a hidden agenda or a dark secret that could have significant ramifications for the family.

The relationship between Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton is a central focus of the show, and fans have many theories about where their relationship may be headed.  

Jamie Dutton's loyalty to his family has been called into question multiple times throughout the series, leading to speculation about his true motivations. Fans theorize about Jamie's role in the family's conflicts and whether he will ultimately side with his family or pursue his own interests. 

Given the constant threats to the Yellowstone ranch, fans speculate about its future and whether the Dutton family will be able to protect their land from developers, rival ranchers, and other adversaries.  

Overall, fan theories and speculations add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for viewers as they eagerly await the next season of "Yellowstone." Whether these theories come to fruition or not, they demonstrate the passion and engagement of the show's fanbase and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the series.