The phrase "I love you" can be spoken in seven distinct ways for the very first time.

Declaring your love to your partner is a major relationship milestone. The three words signify a thousand times more to your spouse when stated first. Days and months of dating, getting to know each other, and adjusting to one other's likes and dislikes prepare one for this phase. Below are 7 methods to express “I love you” for the first time.

Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to pamper someone, and writing a message to express your feelings enhances the experience. It will make this breakfast memorable.

Imagine sleeping peacefully with your sweetheart and thinking how blessed you are. Since you're calm and connected, this is a good time to express yourself. You can also sleep on it if you or your partner need time to contemplate the major decision.

Mix his/her favorite tunes with romantic ones. Record a customized message or music love quotation between the playlist to sweetly declare your love.

If going on the beach with your partner seems romantic, write about it. Send a nice, simple message that may be seen and washed out to sea to show your love!

If speaking is too hard, send a handwritten love letter with all your honest thoughts. It will be recognized. Keep it brief. This is serious, so write a lovely, honest love letter.

Text them to speak what's on your mind if you're hesitant to say it in person. If they are in the room and you can witness them receive and reply, more points! Also, include some romantic emoticons.

There are many charming and imaginative ways to tell someone you love them, but sometimes the simplest is best. When you sense love, look your partner in the eye and say, “I love you.” It's pure, forceful, and unique.

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