The non-physical characteristics that men find most appealing in women are also shared by women.

Attraction to a person's physical attributes happens to everyone. You might be surprised to learn that males also find women very appealing based on characteristics other than their physical appearance.

In most cases, these are the kinds of characteristics that women might not find appealing or noteworthy. However, when it comes to guys, everyone has their own taste, and that is precisely the information we aim to impart.

A few guys were invited to share their thoughts on the non-physical characteristics that they find most appealing in women, and the following is what they had to say about it.

Because it is so appealing! In most cases, it is the male partner who initiates the first move, but it is certainly not a bad thing to witness a woman who is feeling secure enough to make her move on a male partner. Immediately, it grabs my attention and remains there."

However, I find it appealing when she is not bothered by the idea of watching Netflix and chilling out. This is the sort of person that doesn't feel the need to go out every single weekend, and instead, we can just chill out on the sofa with a nice movie or series.

However, if she is able to make me laugh with her goofy jokes and if she is able to comprehend my jokes, then I am completely sold! When you have a female who understands your jokes, it is extremely beautiful since it eliminates the need for you to explain everything to her, which would otherwise make the situation uninteresting.

The vast majority of women are really judgmental, and it is all the more appealing to me when I come across a lady who is not.

When a female is acting silly around me, it tells me how comfortable she is with me, and it is quite beautiful to watch her doing that. She has no form of self-control and is free to say anything she wants in front of me since she is aware that I won't be bothered by it in the slightest.

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