The following are some items that, regardless of your star sign, might be considered hilarious to you.

Fun and laughter are essential to life. Both make us happy and joyful. Additionally, something makes us laugh out loud. Everyone enjoys practical jokes, parody, spoof, or satire. Based on your zodiac sign, here's what makes you laugh.


You adore physical comedy, especially when people hurt! You like seeing footage of people hitting signposts, pillars, and falling. You laugh when inebriated individuals draw mustaches on their faces at parties.


No need for jokes. The world is weird enough to supply all the humor. You sit back and watch. Being on a park seat and watching people go around continuously entertains you because human nature is so strange.


You like amusing others. When your coworker tells you about his wife and kids losing their bags on vacation, you nod and act empathetic. You're laughing loudly inside.


When individuals poke fun at themselves, you find it amusing. Furthermore, you can only get other people to laugh when you poke fun at yourself.


People who are really rude, offensive, and extremely loud make you laugh out loud. You don't even bat an eye when someone tries to make everyone laugh at a funeral by making strange faces.


When someone you despise experiences bad luck, it's impossible not to chuckle. Do you recall the bully from your high school days? He was incarcerated for an unspecified reason. Rest assured, this will surely bring a smile to your face!


You enjoy underdog revenge. You'd laugh at a big company owner getting struck in the head with a rock. It would be tragic for a homeless individual.


Scorpio prefers dark, deadly humor. They want to be frightened and shaken. It's about laughing at the worst conditions and supporting the world's anti-heroes.


You love a good funny story, and nobody has funnier stories than you do. And what’s funnier is that every one of them is true!


Disrespect is something you take great pleasure in. When two people insult each other, it's certain to make you laugh. You also have a great taste in dry humor and can spot comedic moments when most people would notice dramatic ones.


You take great pleasure in jokes that are so cruel that you find it hard to believe someone could get the gall to say them.


You're cruel, and nothing makes you laugh harder than having buddies who make jokes about how stupid, ugly, stinky, and unappealing everyone outside your small clique is.

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