Six people provide practical guidance on how to communicate sexual fantasies to one another.

We all know how hard it is to inform your lover about your sexual desires. Talking about sex is hard, but sexual fantasies are much harder. The conversation may get uncomfortable, forcing you to have dull sex.

Some prefer telling their lover their dreams to avoid effort in bed. Thus, we provide 6 people who gave actual advise on how to tell their partner about their sexual desires.

Knowing that your partner likely has the same sexual purpose helps. If you want physical and emotional intimacy with your lover, tell them about your dreams before bedtime. This avoids surprises.”

Your spouse will freak out more if you appear terrified. This will permanently inhibit your sexual cravings. To set the mood, try a low-light setting, filthy chat, and telling your spouse your dreams.

“Your partner may reject your sexual fantasy, which is fine. You must accept their views. If they enjoy it, you're in luck. You shouldn't feel awful about your partner's reaction. Can vary.”

“How we like something is not up to us. Try not to feel guilty if our sexual fantasies entail gore or offense. If it's too upsetting, go to a sex professional before telling your spouse.

Do not allow your anxieties define you. Each person has tastes the other may not like. Be sympathetic to your partner. Respect their wishes and create a compromise where you may both win.”

“Accepting each other's sexual fantasies can improve your relationship. Understanding one other's perspectives may build trust. Accepting and trying new things can also broaden your outlook. If your lover wants to attempt a new sexual fantasy, let them.

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