Signs that your boyfriend is no longer interested in you as a potential partner

When you're not the one breaking the news, it can be even more difficult to accept that a relationship has ended. Typically, there will be indications that your spouse is over you as the journey progresses.

Some symptoms are subtle and may be missed, yet they're there. Nonverbal communication is sometimes disregarded in partnerships. This is why we've listed ignored symptoms that your lover is over you and the relationship is gone.

Clinginess is a symptom of emotional disconnection, which can arise quickly in a relationship. Your significant other takes mental and physical breaks from you.

This indicates that they have shifted their focus. If your spouse suddenly stops caring about you or spends less time with you, it's likely that they have a reason to distance themselves from you.

The butterflies and sunlight only last in the beginning of a relationship. Overall, those phenomena are rare. Your lover may seldom say 'I love you' for a reason. They either don't love you or are complacent in your relationship. Both can end your relationship if ignored.

Sex might fade after the honeymoon stage and into a committed relationship. Sex affects all functioning relationships. Lack of it indicates relationship issues, so be worried.

Communication matters. Your spouse no longer cares about this connection if they cease discussing their emotional and physical requirements. Maintain constant contact with your partner. Closing that line will quickly end your connection.

Never let your spouse make you feel like a choice. You always put your spouse first in a long-term relationship. If your lover makes you feel like a multiple-choice question, they're over you and your relationship is failing.

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