Regarding David Tepper, the Panthers and the NFL have remained mum.

Panthers owner David Tepper threw a drink at EverBank Stadium supporters and stormed out of his suite two days ago, as footage of the incident surfaced.

Despite being made aware of the footage, the NFL has refrained from making any more statements. Panthers officials have chosen not to comment. No comment came from the Jaguars, whose stadium the event took place at.

On Tuesday morning, PFT reached out to the Panthers and the NFL to inquire about any further information. 

 Following their previous statements, which amount to almost nothing, neither the club nor the league offered any more commentary.

By this point, any possible explanation or denial would have been readily apparent. Two days is the same as two weeks in a world where everything happens at the pace of tweet. At most, two months. Possibly two years.

We may now reasonably assume that Tepper acted as the film depicts him doing. His silence begs the question: why? $20.6 billion is his net worth. One of his businesses is an NFL franchise. How is he going to keep quiet about this?

Perhaps his attorneys are advising him to remain silent in the event that he is ever sued for assault and abuse; after all, whatever he says might be used against him. However, absent a somewhat credible argument, his words will not alter his actions.

Apologizing for this kind of behavior is completely acceptable. Being quiet may do a lot of damage. No one on staff seems to be able to convince him of the need of apologizing sincerely and publicly.

Watch this space for further developments.