Reasons that are very reasonable for why you should not exercise

These days, we are so preoccupied with maintaining our fitness that we fail to recognize the instances in which it is necessary to take a break from our workouts.

Please have a look at the following particular instances in which it is OK to make an excuse in order to avoid going to the park or the gym.

Even if you have a typical cold, you should avoid participating in physical activity when you are feeling physically ill.

A protracted sickness weakens your immune system, so working out will strain it further. Exercising when ill can potentially cause injuries due to low energy and concentration. Even worse, one may faint in aerobics class.

Everybody has days they don't want to go to the gym, but sometimes their bodies demand a break. A fitness day off will benefit you much. Don't beat yourself up for missing a workout day. Exercise gives a joyful high, but occasionally you should relax.

Hangover from yesterday night's binge-drinking-and-dancing party? Avoid gyms and tarmac in the morning. Avoid alcohol's drying effects by drinking lots of water. Do not exercise when intoxicated. Refueling with a healthy breakfast helps.

In the event that you sustain any form of injury, you should take a vacation from your workout routine until the ailment has completely healed.

It is possible that you will do further damage to your body if you choose to continue working out despite the fact that you are wounded. For injuries that continue to cause pain more than a day later, it is best to consult with a professional.

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