Caribbean plane disaster kills actor Christian Oliver and two daughters

Authorities confirmed Friday that a small plane crashed into the Caribbean Sea, killing actor Christian Oliver, his two kids, and the pilot. 

A statement from the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force recognized Oliver, 51, as Christian Klesper, and his daughters Madita. 

12, and Annik, 10, were in the little plane. Local citizen and plane owner Robert Sachs was the pilot. The State Department identified Sachs as an American. 

The authorities reported that the plane fell into the water roughly a mile off Petit Nevis about lunchtime. Authorities stated the jet "experienced difficulties and plummeted into the ocean." 

Officials claimed local fisherman and divers arrived after the disaster. Divers found and gave the bodies to the Saint Vincent and Grenadines Coast Guard, police said. 

The plane carrying Christian Oliver, his daughters, and Robert Sachs. Authorities say a doctor verified all four jet passengers dead. Post-mortems determine death reasons. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is investigating the plane crash. The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority told CBS News it is "currently in the process of gathering information to assist in the investigation." 

The State Department says it is giving victims' relatives "all appropriate consular assistance". On New Year's Day, Oliver, a German actor best known for "Speed Racer," stated that his family was "somewhere in paradise." 

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