Placing indoor plants according to their light needs.

Health and well-being depend on placing indoor plants in the proper light. Different plants need different light intensity and time. 

At least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day is needed for these plants. Placement: Place them near south or west-facing windows for ample of sunshine. 

These plants can withstand low light and prefer bright, indirect light or a few hours of direct sunlight.

Place them near north-facing windows or filtered or diffused light. Peace lilies, snake plants, and cast iron plants.

Rotate plants periodically for even growth. This prevents one-sided growth by lighting the plant on both sides.

Consider seasonal changes and solar angles. Plants may need to be moved throughout the year for best light.

In winter, artificial grow lights can help plants get enough light if your home lacks natural light.

These are broad suggestions; plant species may have different light needs. Check each plant's care instructions and study its behavior. Adjust indoor plants' positioning to ensure they get enough light and the right kind.

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