People that are severely insecure tend to exhibit the following behaviors:

Those that lack self-love and confidence are the ones who battle uncertainty in life, always apologizing and doubting themselves. They have a nasty habit of making everyone around them sick with their bad behavior.

You will not only lose the connection that you share with this someone, but you will also experience mental exhaustion as a result of being in a relationship with them.

It is usually recommended that individuals in this situation seek the assistance of a professional; nevertheless, if they do not do so, it is time for you to leave the situation. Here are some of the frequent behaviors that may be used to identify persons who are highly insecure.

They constantly complain about their insecurity. You can love them as they are, but they will distrust you. They'll keep asking you to prove your love since they don't comprehend why you're honest in your relationship. Insecure people may seek hidden meanings in words.

These folks are also egoistic. Though they dislike themselves, they don't mind talking about them more. Two people always talk about themselves and how hard their lives are. Personal thoughts and conversations are their only passion.

They focus on others and criticize them. Insecure people try to hide their flaws by criticizing others. This bad feature can poison their companions.

Insecure people are easily jealous. Even if their spouse swears they love them, insecure people will always be envious. Their intensity in these times might deceive your connection.

Your partner may become fully dependent on you, which is good. When individuals don't mind losing their individuality and depend on you for happiness and survival, it may be toxic. Even a two-day absence makes kids anxious and need your support. Some may be comfortable, but insecure people forget they should stand up first.

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