(Part-2) What the Bears may get for the 2024 No. 1 selection

This doesn't account for the Bears' pick that they would trade with an imaginary club, a second-round selection, or a senior player. At this point in time, a trade might pique the curiosity of many clubs in the first round of the draft.

Two teams who are in dire need of a quarterback are the New England Patriots and the Washington Commanders, who are drafted after the Bears. Sam Howell was benched for the remainder of the season by the Commanders before to Week 17's games. Over the past three seasons, Mac Jones and the Patriots have faced several challenges, including benching players

Washington or New England draft choices may be as valuable as the Panthers' picks that the Bears received in trades last season. There will soon be a shakeup in the Commanders' front office and coaching staff. Additionally, Bill Belichick's tenure with the Patriots may come to an end this season. In the long run, such selections will prove to be invaluable.

Keep in mind that the Bears' potential trade down in the draft is subject to a number of conditions. This action solidifies Justin Fields' position as the starting quarterback for the Bears. As a result, building the roster around Fields becomes the only priority during the summer. The key is to select the best candidates.

The Bears must be careful when moving down in the draft to avoid losing out on Marvin Harrison Jr., a wide receiver who will be around for a long time. The Arizona Cardinals, who currently control the fourth overall selection, could trade him away in a flash. As a result, there may be consequences if you trade with the Giants from No. 5 on down.

In any case, Ryan Poles is going to be swamped with offseason pressure.

Despite the allure of trading the first overall choice, the paramount concern should be securing a starting quarterback. The Bears' future at quarterback is in his hands; he must determine whether to stick with Fields or go with a top draft pick.

That choice will become "more difficult" for the Bears due to Fields' performance this season, according to Fowler. "A front office source said Fields' special playmaking has "definitely" made the Bears' quarterback decision for April's draft more difficult," Fowler said.

Watch this space for further developments.