(Part-2) The Oakland A's prevented the minor league B's from playing at the Coliseum.

We regret this as this would have been a great event for Oakland. Despite this setback, we will start a new baseball chapter in Town.” The B's offered free tickets to the Oakland Girls Softball League, and local Babe Ruth and other young teams would receive the same.

I wasn't surprised and a little annoyed. But not surprised,” said Jorge Leon, president of the Oakland 68s, a non-profit fan organization that supports baseball and the East Bay. I think the A's are embarrassed, and I'm not surprised since we would have outdrawn them and filled that place. They're frightened, so they canceled. They forced their hand.

Organizers aren't ready to give up on playing at the Coliseum yet, and Oakland fans have shown their devotion this year.

A's fans are planning their own Fan Fest on Feb. 24, with former slugger Khris Davis and pitcher Mike Norris attending, and a boycott of the March 28 season opener, where they will tailgate, celebrate, and gather in the Coliseum parking lot but not enter the ballpark.

Freedman and Carmel were distraught when MLB owners overwhelmingly approved the club's departure in mid-November after last summer's reverse boycott by frustrated A's fans. Freedman and Carmel felt compelled.

We were inspired by reverse boycott night. That game was a protest against baseball leaving Oakland, Freedman claimed. It was a significant and emotional moment for Oakland. We want this game to highlight that baseball will continue in Oakland as long as the community wants it.

Bryan Johansen, a fan and co-founder of Last Dive Bar, which has raised tens of thousands for East Bay community projects, couldn't wait to see everyone back together for a good cause. “If the A's don't want to do business with Oaklanders, let someone else,” he remarked. Johansen knows Ballers will fight.

Leon: “I think our opening day boycott will show our power that continues to unionize the fans. “That will be our show of not quitting, and if we can get the Coliseum again, we know we can fill it with our baseball team that likes us. We're excited about Ballers season.”

Freedman made some of his best experiences at the Coliseum before the third deck, designated “Mount Davis” for late Raiders owner Al Davis, was built. Planning this game was about honoring that heritage.

Our celebration and reverence of the Coliseum is also crucial. I adore the Coliseum, some of my fondest memories are there, and it's hard not to take criticism personally. Freedman called it one of the greatest baseball stadiums ever built. “We want this game to remind people what the Coliseum is about.”

Watch this space for further developments.