(Part-2) East Coast winter storm might bring first substantial snow to cities in years.

The storm is expected to move north on Saturday, dumping rain all along the Eastern Seaboard and maybe delivering snow to parts of the interior. Currently, there is a greater possibility of snow across portions of Interstates 81, 80, and 78, and the snowiest areas are north and west of the Interstate 95 corridor. 

Throughout the day, a combination of precipitation is expected to spread from the mid-Atlantic through the Appalachians and into the Northeast, making travel conditions more dangerous.

Much of New England should expect snow, rain, and wind even after the storm rushes northeast on Sunday. Although New York City, Hartford, Rhode Island, and Portland, Maine may continue to see wind, rain, sleet, and snow by Sunday night, conditions are expected to ease up for Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

What remains most uncertain is the location of the rain/snow line. More rain and less snow can be expected if the system follows a more coastal path, which will bring moderate ocean air into coastal towns. As a result, the possibility of severe snowfall in the Appalachians and Maine would be maintained.

Heavy snowfall from Washington to New York might be in store if the storm's center moves southward and follows a more offshore path, bringing cooler air to the coast.

Meteorologists have warned that it is too soon to tell how much snow will fall or when the storm will make landfall, as the storm is still several days away. Nonetheless, we may pinpoint locations prone to mild to moderate snowfall.

Depending on where you are along the I-95 corridor, you could see anything from a dusting of snow to merely damp roads. At this time, Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, and Providence are among the cities that may experience light snowfall.

Northern and western portions of the Northeast, as well as the upper Appalachian Mountain regions, are predicted to have the highest snowfall and accumulations along the Interstate 95 corridor. Worcester, Massachusetts; Poughkeepsie, Albany, and Binghamton in New York; and Scranton and Harrisburg in Pennsylvania are among the cities that might see several inches of snow.

The communities along I-95 just need one inch of snow to end record-breaking droughts that have lasted for at least two years.

Watch this space for further developments.