(Part-1) The longest-serving US state senator will retire in South Carolina.

South Carolina — This year, the longest-serving senator in the United States has no intention of running for reelection in South Carolina.

Nikki Setzler has been a member of the Senate since her 1976 election as a Democrat.

After much soul-searching, he decided it was time to leave the Senate after 47 years of public service and embark on a new adventure, he said.

Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of serving my fellow South Carolinians. In an editorial article published in The State newspaper, 

Setzler expressed his gratitude for the trust you have placed in him, the chance to serve you, and for accompanying him on this trip.

The Senate was comprised of 43 Democrats and 3 Republicans when Setzler arrived in 1977. As of right now, there are thirty Republicans, fifteen Democrats, and one independent.

While many of his fellow Democrats switched parties, Setzler stayed a Democrat in a seat that had become one of the most Republican-dominated in the state—anchored in the Lexington County suburbs west of Columbia.

Setzler was the minority leader of the Senate for eight years. The ability to maintain composure and confidentiality in business dealings earned him a stellar reputation.

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