(Part-1  Knicks' minute allocation after dealing RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley

After the Knicks traded for OG Anunoby, who would replace RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley's offensive productivity and minutes?

No follow-up trade has transpired, but Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle look to be taking on more responsibilities as Anunoby figures out where to play.

The first three games after the transaction have seen Brunson and Randle average 40 and 38 minutes, compared to 36 and 36 minutes, respectively.

Randle's 29 percent season usage percentage has also increased to 36 percent

Previous teams, especially the Knicks, have suffered from Tom Thibodeau's minutes drain. Whether the remedy is internal or external, his increased dependence on stars is worth watching.

New York was losing production and creation by sending out 33.2 points per game for an off-ball 3-and-D threat. The successors have had mixed outcomes.

Once out of the starting lineup, Quentin Grimes was cleared, but the trade reinvigorated his resolve. He's scored 18 points in two games, which is acceptable but not great.

Since Malachi Flynn injured his ankle, Miles McBride took over at point guard. He's had some fierce defensive moments, but his offense is clunky, and his lineups have struggled.

Watch this space for further developments.