(Part-1) East Coast winter storm might bring first substantial snow to cities in years.

This week, rain, wind, and storm impacts will be felt from coast to coast as a cross-country storm moves through. It may deliver the first significant snowfall to several major cities in two years when it reaches the East Coast.

The exact time and path of this storm is still quite unknown, but the prediction does indicate that snow may return to certain areas of the Northeast.

 The storm is still many days away for the East Coast. Where the rain line ends up and the storm's trajectory determine how much rain falls and where it falls.

As the East Coast braces for a potentially devastating storm, the west is already seeing the effects of the system.

Wednesday, the storm system will travel inland, bringing rain and snow to the Great Basin and the Southwest. On Tuesday, it brought strong surf conditions, mountain snow, and rain to the Pacific Coast area

The northern portions of Arizona, as well as the highest mountains in Utah and Nevada, should see the heaviest snowfall totals.

The southern Rockies should expect substantial snowfall from the storm on Thursday morning, and by afternoon, it will have moved eastward and south into the southern Plains. Throughout western Texas, light rain and a few thunder rumbles are possible in the late hours as showers and moderate thunderstorms get going.

As this system continues to move south, it will become stronger as Friday approaches. As this system moves east, it may bring widespread heavy rain and even floods to the Gulf Coast. Heavy rain poses the greatest hazard to the states around the Gulf Coast, however powerful thunderstorms with destructive winds are possible on rare occasions.

Watch this space for further developments.