One of the busiest travel days of the year, travelers face severe weather nationwide.(Part-2)

In the meantime, the Midwest is seeing its own share of severe weather this week, with a forecast that calls for a combination of rain and snow to fall across a significant portion of the region on Thursday.

Temperatures that are hovering just above freezing will limit the amount of snow that accumulates, but roadways that are sloppy and visibility that is poor might make travel difficult in the northern areas of Interstates 75 and 65.

As the system moves further east, there is a possibility that flights at the airports in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee will be delayed on Thursday. 

 As the system continues to move south and east, there is a possibility that the valleys of Ohio and Tennessee will experience a few snow showers later on Thursday night and into Friday. 

There is a possibility that some snowstorms could even travel as far south as the most northern locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. It is not anticipated that there will be any accumulation in this region; nonetheless, novelty flakes may generate a stir in these southern locations.

Another storm that is capable of producing heavy rain is expected to move throughout practically the entire state of Florida on Thursday. This storm is expected to provide consistent rainfall with widespread totals of up to one inch. 

Because of this soaker, every airport in Florida faces the possibility of facing delays, and the fact that the streets are likely to be wet will undoubtedly lead those who are traveling to experience problems.

There will be rain in the morning in cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale as a result of a different storm system that is moving across the Florida Peninsula. However, by the time the evening commute rolls around, the rain will have stopped.

The West Coast is expecting severe rains as another system moves inland Thursday and Friday. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle may have flight delays, and practically the whole Interstate 5 corridor could see 3 inches of rain by Friday afternoon.

Watch this space for further developments.