New singing video makes Tim McGraw swoon over daughter Audrey.

Tim McGraw recently expressed his immense pride over his daughter Audrey's musical talent after she posted a video of herself singing "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette. 

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Tim shared a side-by-side video of Audrey's performance and his own reaction, clearly moved by her rendition.  

He praised her for her powerful vocals and musical abilities, emphasizing that she is a true artist with a deep and special talent for both singing and songwriting​ . 

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, often enjoy listening to their daughters' musical endeavors at home.  

He mentioned that Audrey frequently plays the piano and sings, filling their house with her music. 

Tim highlighted how special it is to witness her creative process, sometimes even sneaking around to listen without her noticing to avoid interrupting her flow. 

Despite the fact that Hill has not made a formal announcement on the memoir, there is a tremendous amount of anticipation surrounding the possible memoir that she will write. 

This public display of admiration showcases the supportive and musical environment within the McGraw-Hill family.