Major factors that might be preventing you from dropping pounds

Is it feeling like you're on an incredible roller coaster ride when it comes to your weight loss journey? One minute you're riding high, and the next you're feeling down. The fact that the scale isn't moving likely leaves you scratching your head.

The majority of people who are attempting to lose weight tend to vacillate between two extremes, and if you do not maintain consistency throughout your weight reduction journey, it is going to be a game of "sum zero." Possibly, you are wondering what the cause is for this!

If you want to lose weight but aren't sure how to do it, either starving yourself or doing intense exercises without a trainer can backfire. You should stop asking "Why am I not losing weight?" before you do. Let's pause for a second to figure out what may be preventing you from moving forward!

It's easy to get hooked on a tight diet. One where you consume just air and greens? But guess what? Starving oneself of minerals and favorite meals might backfire. Willpower collapses, causing extreme desires and overeating. Your weight loss journey is ruined.

Miten Says Fitness fitness and wellness expert Miten Kakaiya says, “Cheat days can save you when following a calorie deficit diet, but not if they turn into cheat weeks or months!An occasional cheat day is fine, but overindulging might undermine your efforts! Balance is essential, says Kakaiya.

After messing with your basal metabolic rate (BMR), starvation just makes you feel tired, irritable, and uninspired. Cutting back on food intake to compensate for an indulgence is unhealthy for your body. Actually, this is bad for your health and will make losing weight much more of a struggle.

Overeating is a frequent response to a restricted diet. Have you ever eaten ice cream after a difficult diet? Denying oneself favorite meals increases your risk of bingeing. A vicious cycle. Overeating from severe measures might hinder improvement.

Why not reassess your workout objectives and perspective before asking yourself “Why am I not losing weight?” Assess your consistency. Have you planned? Pushing your body too much or too little? Are you guided? Because all of it may change your perspective and preserve your fitness.

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