Learning About Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Heatwaves

Hurricanes: Form over warm oceans, categorized by wind speed, and cause storm surges, flooding, and coastal damage.

Tornadoes: Develop in severe thunderstorms, characterized by twisting funnels, and vary in size and intensity.

Heatwaves: Result from prolonged high temperatures, causing health risks, dehydration, and stress on ecosystems.

Hurricane Impact: Includes storm surges, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and extensive coastal destruction.

Tornado Impact: Brings destruction through high winds, damaging buildings, trees, and lifting debris.

Heatwave Impact: Poses risks to health, causing heat-related illnesses, dehydration, and agricultural stress.

Preparedness: Crucial for mitigating impact, involving early warnings, evacuation plans, and community education.

Climate Change: Influences the frequency and intensity of these events, emphasizing the need for global environmental efforts.

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