Kelly Reilly hints about "darker" Agatha Christie film.

While there haven't been explicit hints about a "darker" Agatha Christie film from Kelly Reilly, it's intriguing to consider how such a project might unfold: 

Reilly may suggest that the film delves into more complex and nuanced themes compared to traditional Agatha Christie adaptations. 

Reilly's hints could imply a departure from the cozy, period drama aesthetic typically associated with Agatha Christie adaptations. Instead, the film might aim for a darker and more atmospheric tone, incorporating elements of suspense, tension, and psychological thriller. 

Reilly may suggest that the film offers richer characterizations, portraying protagonists and antagonists with greater depth, complexity, and moral ambiguity. This could involve exploring characters' backstories, inner conflicts, and hidden motives in more detail. 

The hints might allude to a visually striking and atmospheric film, characterized by moody lighting, evocative cinematography, and immersive set design. The visual style could enhance the film's darker themes and create a sense of unease or foreboding. 

Reilly's hints could imply that the film features unexpected plot twists and turns, keeping audiences guessing until the very end. These twists might subvert traditional Agatha Christie tropes or challenge viewers' expectations in new and surprising ways. 

The film could tackle taboo subjects or sensitive issues that are typically avoided in mainstream Agatha Christie adaptations. This might include themes such as violence, trauma, addiction, or societal corruption, adding layers of depth and complexity to the narrative. 

Overall, Reilly's hints may suggest that the film aims to deliver a more impactful and thought-provoking cinematic experience, pushing the boundaries of the traditional Agatha Christie genre and offering a fresh perspective on her timeless mysteries.