Julio Urías's ability to execute under intense scrutiny

Urías has consistently excelled in the postseason, where the stakes are highest. His ability to perform in crucial games has been instrumental for the Dodgers, particularly during their 2020 World Series run. 

 In the National League Championship Series against the Atlanta Braves, Urías pitched three scoreless innings in Game 7, securing the win and sending the Dodgers to the World Series. His poise and effectiveness were crucial in this high-stakes game.

Urías' performance in the 2020 World Series was legendary. He closed out Game 6 with 2.1 perfect innings, securing the Dodgers' first championship since 1988. His composure and dominance in this final game highlight his ability to handle immense pressure. 

 Urías has a knack for generating strikeouts in critical moments. His ability to strike out hitters in high-leverage situations helps him escape jams and maintain control of the game.

 In high-leverage situations, Urías holds opponents to a low batting average. This metric underscores his ability to elevate his performance when the pressure is on, limiting opponents' chances to score.

 Urías’ demeanor on the mound is consistently calm and focused, regardless of the game's intensity. His ability to maintain composure allows him to execute pitches effectively and avoid costly mistakes.

Urías’ versatility to pitch as both a starter and reliever in high-pressure situations adds to his value. Whether closing out a game or starting a critical matchup, he adapts seamlessly to the role required by the team. 

Throughout his career, Urías has delivered key performances in pivotal regular-season games that have significant playoff implications. His ability to step up during these moments contributes to the Dodgers' overall success and playoff positioning.