Investigate how Wick's has impacted the current crop of action films.  

John Wick has had a profound influence on modern action cinema, reshaping the genre with its innovative approach to storytelling, choreography, and visual style.

One of the most significant impacts of John Wick is its reinvigoration of the "gun-fu" subgenre, which combines martial arts with gunplay in a seamless and visually stunning manner.  

This unique blend of combat techniques has inspired numerous filmmakers and choreographers to explore new avenues of action choreography, leading to a resurgence of interest in hand-to-hand combat and firearm-based combat in action films. 

Moreover, John Wick's emphasis on practical stunts and minimal use of CGI has set a new standard for authenticity and realism in action cinema.  

By relying on skilled stunt performers and meticulously choreographed fight sequences, the franchise has raised the bar for what audiences expect from on-screen action. 

Additionally, the cutting-edge cinematography and sleek visual aesthetic of John Wick have had an impact on the look and feel of contemporary action films.   

This has inspired filmmakers to explore with vibrant color palettes, dynamic camera motions, and new lighting techniques.  

John Wick's impact on modern action cinema is undeniable, serving as a trailblazer for a new generation of filmmakers and redefining the possibilities of the genre with its bold and inventive approach to storytelling and spectacle.