How Julio Urías affected the Dodgers' pitching staff

Urías' ability to excel both as a starter and a reliever has provided the Dodgers with valuable flexibility. This versatility has allowed the team to use him in various roles depending on their needs, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the pitching staff. 

Since transitioning to a full-time starter, Urías has become one of the most reliable pitchers in the Dodgers' rotation. His consistent performances have provided stability and confidence, often stopping losing streaks and securing crucial wins. 

In the 2021 season, Urías led the MLB with 20 wins, demonstrating his ability to consistently deliver strong performances. This high win total underscored his importance to the Dodgers' regular-season success. 

Urías' exceptional performances in the postseason have cemented his reputation as a clutch pitcher. His contributions in high-pressure playoff situations have been critical to the Dodgers' deep runs, including their 2020 World Series victory. 

Urías has shown the ability to pitch deep into games, often providing the Dodgers with quality innings and reducing the strain on the bullpen. This capacity to be an innings eater is crucial for maintaining the overall health of the pitching staff. 

Urías possesses a diverse and effective pitching arsenal, including a fastball, curveball, changeup, and slider. His ability to command multiple pitches keeps hitters off balance and enhances his effectiveness on the mound. 

Despite his relatively young age, Urías has emerged as a leader within the Dodgers' pitching staff. His journey through the minors, overcoming injuries, and delivering in crucial moments has earned him respect from teammates and coaches. 

Urías has shown remarkable durability and resilience, bouncing back from shoulder surgery in 2017 to become a key component of the Dodgers' rotation. His ability to stay healthy and perform at a high level over multiple seasons is a testament to his work ethic and conditioning.