Here is how you can transform your staircase into a piece of cardio equipment that will help you burn fat.

We shell out a tonne of cash—thousands of rupees—on pricey exercise gear and a gym membership so we can pretend to be healthy. However, investing a large sum of money into improving one's health is not always necessary.

A little bit of bravery, some resolve, some workout tubing with a medium resistance, and your home's stairs will do the trick. One of the best cardio machines is the stair climber.

Tone your body with a variety of exercises, including lunges and step-ups. Thirty minutes of stair running may burn around 500 calories, according to studies. A few ideas for making good use of your home's staircase are as follows.

Simply twist the push-up shape and execute it on the stairs. Stand at the base of the steps and push-up on the third or fourth step. Lower yourself and rise again with a straight back.

Sit comfortably at the foot of your stairs with your hands shoulder-width apart on a step behind you. Your palm should be flat on the step away from you. Stretch your legs out in front of you, heels on the floor, body slightly lifted. Controlfully drop your hips and elbow to 90 degrees. Hold this posture for 2-3 seconds, then rise and repeat.

This simple workout burns many calories. Simply stand on one stair and hop or leap on the next. Cardio and leg muscle toning are wonderful with this.

Stair sprints are another great workout. Even your heart benefits from this activity. You must sprint up the steps quickly and return to the bottom.

Lower into a lunge with your right foot forward on the first stride. Right and left knees should bend at right angles in front and behind you. Your hands should be on your hips. Hold for a few seconds, then stand upright. Repeat with other leg.

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