Here is all you need to know to determine whether or not quality time is your girlfriend's love language.

To begin, how can one define a love language? Simply said, your love language is a description of your preferred method of showing and receiving love. Affirmations spoken aloud, helping others, spending quality time together, physical contact, and material presents are the five primary ways that people show their love.

Now, there's more you need to know about quality time if you already know that it's your girlfriend's love language.

Men, you need to relax and enjoy yourself more. Your lady will be happy just spending time with you. She probably won't mind whether you take her on a nice outing or if you put up a fun pastime in your living room.

Your girlfriend is going to be content with nothing more than spending time with you. Simply being there in that moment is all that she requires from you, and that is all she need.

Work may keep you from spending time with your partner. But you don't have to spend the weekend with your girlfriend to please her. She'll be thrilled and excited if you phone or visit her for 15 minutes between work hours. She only wants time with you, no matter how long. Actions must support your assertions to her.

Your female will not want you to nod and seem to listen to her stories. She won't want your thoughts to stray while she's talking. She wants deep, intelligent talks with you. Your girlfriend wants to know you're connected. Sometimes being in the room with her isn't enough; you need to be there emotionally.

Not enough time to visit your girl due of chores? You may perform tasks with her. When possible, invite her to tag along. You can take her out without waiting for a certain time or dinner reservations. Simply include her in your daily life to gauge her interest. She'll adore it.

You will spend a lot of time together if you establish a weekly schedule. Join the same gym, bake together, read the same books, or watch a show. Options abound. Choose a fun activity you both enjoy and do it together.

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