Having Keanu Reeves play the role of Wick's is the ideal casting choice.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick is widely regarded as a perfect casting choice, melding Reeves' personal traits and acting skills with the character's demands. 

Reeves brings a unique combination of intensity, dedication, and authenticity to the role, making John Wick a memorable and iconic character in modern cinema. 

Reeves' background in martial arts and action films, notably "The Matrix" trilogy, equipped him with the physical prowess necessary for John Wick's intricate combat scenes. 

His commitment to performing his own stunts enhances the realism and fluidity of the action sequences, earning praise from both fans and critics. 

This dedication is evident in his extensive training in various martial arts, including judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, ensuring that every fight scene is meticulously executed. 

Beyond his physical capabilities, Reeves imbues John Wick with a depth of emotion and a sense of honor that resonates with audiences.  

His portrayal captures the character's grief, determination, and stoic demeanor, making Wick more than just an action hero but a deeply human figure.  

Reeves' natural charisma and enigmatic presence on screen further solidify his embodiment of the legendary assassin, cementing his status as the definitive John Wick.