Has the individual you know been experiencing stress? These texts will make things easier for them.

When you want to be there for a loved one who is going through a tough time, you can bring their favorite food or dessert.

You would also offer them to accompany you on a walk outside so that they could get some fresh air and take their minds off of the situation.

If you're far away or searching for alternative methods to show your care, a brief text with compassionate and calming words might work. Send these SMS to someone stressed.

This text will soothe someone who needs additional attention right now. This simple reminder lets them know you're thinking about them and ready to listen and help. This can be a big comfort to someone in hectic circumstances.

Your communications don't need extensive phrases or intricate language. Simply inform your individual you want to assist and let them tell you what they need. Your friend should know you can help with pizza, ice cream, or just showing up.

Reminding a stressed individual that it's okay to calm down, take a breather, and prioritize oneself doesn't harm. Stressed people typically sacrifice physically and emotionally. This paragraph lets people take a rest while they're not thinking.

These words are stronger than you believe. Stress is energy-intensive, so let your friend know you understand and are proud of them.

A stressed person may not have the energy to respond to an SMS. Follow up if they haven't responded and let them know you're available to chat whenever they're ready. They'll know you're there to help.

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