For what reason is Kevin Costner departing from Yellowstone?

As of my last update in January 2022, Kevin Costner had not announced any plans to depart from "Yellowstone." However, if he were to depart from the show, it could be due to several reasons: 

Costner might want to explore other creative projects or roles that offer new challenges and opportunities for growth. 

His departure could be a result of the fulfillment of contractual obligations or negotiations between Costner and the producers of the show. 

After several seasons of playing the same character, Costner might feel the need to diversify his acting portfolio by taking on different types of roles in other projects. 

Disagreements over the direction of the show or character development between Costner and the show's creators could potentially lead to his departure. 

Costner might see departing from "Yellowstone" as a strategic move to explore other aspects of his career, such as directing, producing, or pursuing roles in different genres. 

Costner may have received offers for other projects or roles that he finds more appealing or challenging than continuing with "Yellowstone." 

It's essential to note that unless there has been a recent development since my last update, Costner's departure from "Yellowstone" remains speculative, and any reasons for his departure would be purely hypothetical.