Five different yoga poses have been shown to be useful in decreasing fat in the abdomen region.

It is not only unhealthy to have obesity in the abdominal region, but it may also put your long-term health at risk. If you have an excessive amount of abdominal fat, you may experience feelings of lethargy and fatigue as a usual negative impact.

Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity are only some of the diseases that are more likely to strike a person who has a large belly circumference.

Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, yoga teacher and founder of Akshar Yoga Institutions, states, “Belly fat can be caused by genetics, certain illnesses or obesity, poor eating habits, erratic sleeping patterns, lack of exercise, etc. These variables lead to abdominal fat, which might lower confidence.

Sit and kneel with hands on hips. Arch your back with hands on feet. Hold a neutral neck. Hold this stance for a few breaths. After exhaling, gently reverse direction. Hold your hands on your hips while standing tall.

While lying on your back, place your palms on the floor. Raise your legs 90 degrees using your core. Your palms should be grounded. Keep legs beneath your head. If needed, support your lower back with hands. Hold posture for a few breaths. Hold stance for 15–20 seconds, suggests Akshar.

Start with Samasthithi. Deeply exhale, then softly fold your hips forward to bring your nose to your knees. Place palms on foot sides. Beginners can lightly bend their knees.

Akshar explains Santolasana: "Put your palms beneath your shoulders while lying on your stomach; lift your knees, pelvis, and upper body; firmly grasp the ground with your toes." Check spine, pelvis, and knee alignment. With your arms straight, place your wrists directly below your shoulders and hold for a while.”

Plant your left palm and elevate your right from Plank Pose. Turn right and cross your right leg over your left. Raise your right arm, fingers up, over your head. Touch your knees, heels, and feet simultaneously. Arms and shoulders straight. Look up at your right hand. Maintain position. Repeat left.Yoga raises your heart rate like aerobic exercise, burning calories and providing weight loss. Naukasana, Chaturanga, Brahmacharyaasana, and others help lose stomach weight, the hardest.

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