Ezekiel Elliott provides leadership on and off the field.

Elliott consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication to his craft. His commitment to training, preparation, and on-field performance sets a high standard for his teammates to follow. 

Elliott's ability to play through injuries and perform at a high level under pressure exemplifies resilience. His toughness inspires teammates and establishes him as a reliable and dependable player. 

Elliott prioritizes team success over individual accolades. His willingness to do whatever is necessary for the team, including blocking and catching passes, underscores his unselfish approach to the game. 

Elliott's approachable personality and positive attitude make him a key figure in the locker room. He fosters a supportive and cohesive team environment, which is crucial for team morale. 

As a veteran, Elliott takes on a mentoring role, helping to guide younger players through the rigors of the NFL. His experience and knowledge are valuable resources for new teammates adjusting to professional football.  

Off the field, Elliott is actively involved in community service and charitable activities. His engagement in initiatives like the Salvation Army and youth programs demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact beyond football. 

Elliott holds himself and his teammates accountable. His willingness to accept responsibility for mistakes and learn from them reinforces a culture of accountability within the team. 

Elliott's performances and leadership inspire his teammates to elevate their game. His determination and passion for football motivate those around him to strive for excellence, both in practice and during games.