Brand alliances and endorsement arrangements with Ezekiel Elliott

One of Elliott's most significant endorsement deals is with Nike. As a premier athlete, he features prominently in their marketing campaigns, often showcasing their football gear and apparel. 

Elliott has a partnership with Panini America, a leading sports and entertainment collectibles company. He appears on trading cards and in promotional events, contributing to the brand's visibility in the sports memorabilia market. 

Elliott promotes BioSteel Sports Nutrition, endorsing their range of sports drinks and supplements designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. 

Elliott has collaborated with Reebok for various campaigns, endorsing their sportswear and footwear. This partnership aligns with his athletic image and promotes Reebok’s products to a broader audience. 

As part of a humorous and widely viewed marketing campaign, Elliott has appeared in commercials for Old Spice, endorsing their range of grooming products for men. 

Elliott has also partnered with Wendy’s, appearing in their advertising campaigns to promote the fast-food chain. His involvement brings a sports celebrity appeal to the brand. 

Elliott teamed up with 7-Eleven to promote their convenience stores, particularly focusing on their range of healthy snack options suitable for athletes and health-conscious consumers. 

This partnership involves promoting Mission Athletecare’s innovative athletic products, including temperature-regulating gear and cooling accessories, which align with Elliott’s focus on performance and recovery.