Body discovered at Salt Lake City airport following man's insertion into aircraft engine

Salt Lake City — Police say a man was found dead inside an aircraft engine at Salt Lake City International Airport Monday night after breaching an emergency escape door, walking onto the tarmac, and climbing inside.

The Salt Lake City Police Department reported Tuesday that 30-year-old Park City resident Kyler Efinger was found unconscious in an engine on the wing of a passenger plane.

On a de-icing pad, the plane's engines were running. Police stated Efinger had a Denver boarding permit.

The manager of an airport store reported a disturbance before 10 p.m., informing Airport Control Center dispatchers he witnessed a customer depart an emergency exit. Officers swiftly recovered Efinger's clothes, shoes, and other belongings on a runway.

Efinger was removed from the engine intake cowling, which feeds the engine fan, by first responders. They performed CPR and administered naloxone, a fast-acting opioid overdose medicine that restores breathing. Death was declared at the spot.

Salt Lake City police and the state medical examiner are investigating the death, which may include a toxicology report.

When Efinger was located, passengers were evacuated from the plane, but airport operations continued, authorities added. First impressions suggest the guy entered the airport ramp via the emergency exit and went into the engine.

An airport spokeswoman did not reply to email or phone requests for comment.

Watch this space for further developments.