Activities such as these eight burn the maximum number of calories that are achievable.

After months of exercise, are you still not losing weight? If spending hours at the gym, lifting weights, and jogging on treadmills aren't working, try something more intensive and productive. These 8 activities may burn big calories, says study.

Most sportsmen utilize jumping ropes for a reason. Jumping rope improves footwork and heart rate. This is the best calorie blaster for burning lots of calories quickly. Jumping rope burns 1,074 calories per hour. The best aspect is that you can do it anytime, anyplace.

Swimming is a terrific exercise and hobby. If you want to burn serious calories, swim regularly. A 90-kilogram individual may burn 892 calories per hour with high-intensity swimming. Swimming improves muscle strength, flexibility, and health.

For fat loss, switch to stairs. Stair running builds muscular and cardiovascular health. Running stairs burns 819 calories per hour for a 90-kilogram individual.

Tennis is ideal for those who loathe weightlifting and treadmills. Due of its fast-paced running and body movement, tennis burns calories well. You can burn 728 calories playing tennis for an hour.

Good news for basketball fans. You may burn calories playing basketball. This sport helps you lose weight by moving swiftly. Basketball may burn 728 calories per hour.

Regular aerobics may be fun and burn calories and tone muscles. Controlled aerobic exercise challenges your body and muscles. An hour of low-intensity exercises can burn 420 calories.

Self-defense workout Taekwondo started in Korea. This martial arts practice dates back 2000 years. The workout stresses speed, power, attention, and breathing. Taekwondo burns 730 calories per hour for a 70-kilogram individual.

Jogging burns many calories, even at a leisurely rate. Running at a moderate pace may burn 755 calories each hour. Full-body jogging works muscles and the heart. It's a simple workout that fits into anyone's schedule.

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