A cargo ship off the coast of Alaska was spotted burning lithium-ion batteries. (Part-2)

According to Veeder, the emergency operations center of the city is "acting on behalf of the community and advocating our position to protect our community." 

Currently, we are keeping a close eye on the situation.

Due to the fact that there is a risk associated with any vessel fire, the Coast Guard has issued an additional safety precaution in addition to forbidding the ship from going closer to the coast than two miles.

As a precaution, we are maintaining a safety zone that is one mile in diameter around the vessel, as stated by Salerno. "The safety of the residents of Unalaska and the communities that are located in the surrounding areas is a top priority for us,"

When asked about the incident, the proprietors stated that there have been no oil leaks related with it.

There were no indications of structural deformation or blistering outside of the cargo hold, according to the Coast Guard.

which was discovered by a group of marine firefighting professionals who conducted an inspection of the ship late on Friday night.

There will be rain in the morning in cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale as a result of a different storm system that is moving across the Florida Peninsula. However, by the time the evening commute rolls around, the rain will have stopped.

It was said by Salerno that the team is still on board the ship in order to assess the ongoing scenario. According to a statement released by the Wisdom Marine Group, which is situated in Taipei, Taiwan, an expert that was recruited by the company "is working diligently to create contingency plans, arrange for a firefighting team, and ensure that the necessary equipment is in place."

Watch this space for further developments.