Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $60 Million & 3 More Worth Over $20 Million Each

The world of numismatics often reveals extraordinary stories of rare coins that fetch astronomical prices. Among these, the Bicentennial Quarter holds a place of prominence. One exceptional Bicentennial Quarter has recently been valued at nearly $60 million, while three others are each worth over $20 million. This article explores the details behind these incredible valuations, what makes these quarters so special, and how to identify potentially valuable Bicentennial Quarters.

The Bicentennial Quarter: A Brief Overview

The Bicentennial Quarter was minted in 1975 and 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States’ independence. This coin features a unique design:

  • Obverse Side: The classic portrait of George Washington.
  • Reverse Side: A colonial drummer with a victory torch encircled by thirteen stars, symbolizing the original thirteen colonies.
  • Dual Date: “1776–1976,” marking the bicentennial celebration.

The Nearly $60 Million Bicentennial Quarter:

The quarter valued at nearly $60 million stands out due to several unique factors:

  1. Pristine Condition: Graded as MS-70, the coin is in perfect, mint state with no imperfections. Such high-grade specimens are extremely rare.
  2. Historical Significance: As a commemorative coin marking the bicentennial of the United States, it holds immense historical value.
  3. Unique Errors: This particular quarter features a rare minting error, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Errors can significantly increase a coin’s value due to their rarity and uniqueness.
  4. Provenance: The coin’s documented history of ownership by notable collectors enhances its value.

Three More Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $20 Million Each:

Besides the nearly $60 million quarter, three other Bicentennial Quarters have fetched over $20 million each due to their unique characteristics:

High-Grade 1976-S Proof Quarter:

  • Composition: Struck in 40% silver, these proof quarters were part of special collectors’ sets.
  • Condition: Graded as PR-69 or higher, these coins are nearly perfect.
  • Unique Features: The silver composition and proof quality make them stand out.

Error Coin with Double Die:

  • Unique Minting Error: A double die error, where the images and inscriptions appear doubled, adds significant value.
  • Condition: High-grade examples, particularly those with clear and prominent doubling, are highly prized.

Off-Center Strike Bicentennial Quarter:

  • Minting Error: An off-center strike, where the design is not perfectly centered on the coin, creates a unique appearance.
  • Condition: The value increases dramatically if the coin is in mint state condition.

    Why These Quarters Are So Valuable:

    1. Rarity: Coins with low mintage numbers or unique errors are exceptionally rare, driving up their value.
    2. Condition: Coins in mint or near-mint condition, especially those with high grades from professional grading services, are more valuable.
    3. Historical Significance: Commemorative coins like the Bicentennial Quarter that mark significant historical events are highly desirable.
    4. Unique Features: Errors, unique designs, and specific mint marks make a coin stand out among collectors.
    5. Provenance: A well-documented history and ownership by notable collectors can enhance a coin’s value.

    How to Identify Valuable Bicentennial Quarters:

    To determine if your Bicentennial Quarter is valuable, consider the following:

    1. Inspect the Condition: Look for coins with minimal wear. Uncirculated coins with a high grade (MS-67 or higher) are particularly valuable.
    2. Check for Errors: Use a magnifying glass to spot any minting errors, such as double strikes, off-center images, or unique die features.
    3. Verify the Composition: Some quarters were minted in 40% silver. These are more valuable than their copper-nickel counterparts.
    4. Get it Graded: Professional grading by services like PCGS or NGC can authenticate and grade your coin, providing a clearer picture of its value.


    The Bicentennial Quarter is not just a piece of currency but a significant artifact of American history. With one valued at nearly $60 million and three others fetching over $20 million each, these coins are treasures for both numismatists and investors. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, understanding the unique attributes and potential value of these quarters can make for an exciting and potentially lucrative endeavor.

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